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The Genetic Counselors and You Series

The Genetic Counselors and You series turns complex genetics into information you can use for your personal healthcare.

Podcast Episodes

The Genetic Counselors and You series is now available as a podcast - subscribe by searching for "Genetic Counselors and You" in iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

  • Who are Genetic Counselors? | March 16, 2019 | Listen to the Episode 
    The first episode of the Genetic Counselor and You series discusses who genetic counselors are, why you might see one, what genetic counselors do and don't do, and the benefits of integrating a genetic counselor into your healthcare team.

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​Recorded Webinars

You can also check out our archive of Genetic Counselors and You webinars to go deeper into everything from genetics’ role in fertility to ancestry testing.

  • Is Fertility Preservation an Option for You? | View Recording
  • Is Your Genetic Privacy Protected? | View Recording
  • The Future of At-Home Genetic Testing | View Recording
  • How Genetics Affects Infertility  |  View Recording
  • Mental Illness and Genetics: Family History, and Protecting Your Mental Health  |  View Recording
  • Rare Disease: What Role Do Genetics Play?  |  View Recording
  • My Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease: Is the Answer in My Genes?  |  View Recording
  • Taking Heredity to Heart:  The Role of Genetics in Cardiovascular Disease  |  View Recording
  • Ancestry and Other Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing:  What to Consider Before Mailing that DNA  |  View Recording
  • Genetic Testing and Pregnancy: A Genetic Counselor Guides You Through Your Testing Options |  View Recording
  • Cancer and Family History: Information You Need to Assess Your Risk | View Recording

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