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El Mes de la Herencia Hispana

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Pruebas De Ascendencia de ADN: Los Muchos Caminos Que Se DescubrenRead the English version here El Mes de la Herencia Hispana nos recuerda que una sola palabra – Hispano – puede usarse para unificar a un grupo de personas, pero no puede describir los varios caminos que anduvieron los ancestros d

Hispanic Heritage Month

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Ancestry DNA Testing: The Many Paths It Uncovers Hispanic Heritage Month reminds us that although one word – Hispanic – can be used to unite individuals, the word cannot describe the multiple paths trodden by the ancestors of those who identify as Hispanic today. National Society of Genetic Coun

The At-Home Genetic Test

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At-home DNA tests can be informative and empowering – even fun if you’re into discovering more about genetics or your health! However, what you might not expect when you take the test is that it can result in confusion or even concern if you weren’t ready for the results or are unsure how to interpr

Code Talker Awards: Special Soul, Melanie Hardy, MS, LCGC

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Our relationship with Melanie began after our son, Adam, and future daughter-in-law, Anne, went through genetic testing before their wedding. Based on their results, my husband and I were referred for testing as well. Adam had previously been diagnosed with myotonia congenita, a rare genetic