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Five Things I Tell My Patients Considering Prenatal Genetic Testing

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The joy that prenatal genetic testing has brought to gender reveal parties is undeniable: specialty cakes, powder-filled baseballs, a box full of pink or blue balloons. But that’s just one of several results you can get from prenatal testing. As a genetic counselor, I’ve also witnessed the anxiety t

Code Talker Awards: Special Soul, Melanie Hardy, MS, LCGC

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Our relationship with Melanie began after our son, Adam, and future daughter-in-law, Anne, went through genetic testing before their wedding. Based on their results, my husband and I were referred for testing as well. Adam had previously been diagnosed with myotonia congenita, a rare genetic

Code Talker Awards: Like Family, Benjamin Helm, MS, CGC

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Some might say our story is tragic, worrisome, and full of heartache and loss. But thanks be to God, who in His perfect timing placed in our lives a brilliant medical team and genetic counselor, Benjamin M. Helm. Because of Ben, we can say our story is one of life, miracles, love, and hope.

Code Talker Awards: Bringing It All Together, Kira A. Dies, ScM, CGC

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I remember it all so vividly: Our conscientious and compassionate geneticists had given us an ultra-rare diagnosis: hereditary spastic paraplegia type 47 (SPG47). There were nine others diagnosed in the world that they knew of at that time, and no one was researching treatment.

Evolution of At-Home Genetic Testing

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From Information and Entertainment to Actionable Medical TestsIf you were a fan of the Winter Olympics like I was, perhaps you saw the seemingly endless parade of TV commercials for AncestryDNA and 23andMe, two of the biggest direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing companies.  If you are not fami