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NSGC Blog Genetic Counseling Amidst a Pandemic: What to do about your Prenatal Appointments

by Blair Stevens, MS, CGC

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COVID-19 has significantly impacted the lives of people all around the world. While the pandemic’s effect on hospitals and the frontline healthcare workers is palpable, other aspects of healthcare are also affected. Elective surgeries are cancelled, medical supplies are scarce and clinical care teams struggle to rapidly transition to telehealth services so they are easily accessible to patients. Meanwhile, patients are fearful of exposure yet still need essential healthcare services unrelated to the pandemic.

In these chaotic times, few understand the fear and confusion that expectant mothers are facing. Will they be able to safely deliver their children in hospitals? Can they make it to their appointments, or should they even be going to them? 

Ashkenazi Jewish History: What Your Genetic Ancestry Results Can Tell You About Your Health

by Devin Cox, MS, CGC

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Genetic testing for ancestry is more accessible and affordable than ever, and every day it is helping people crack the code on their family histories. These ancestry tests originally gained popularity as people wanted to learn more about where they came from, who their relatives were and what cultures they were tied to. However, the field has now expanded, and some of these direct-to-consumer tests can review DNA and provide some basic information about a person’s health history.  Even if people aren’t searching for health information when they take a direct-to-consumer test, their genetic ancestry might reveal clues about their likelihood to inherit certain conditions. Such is the case for people of Eastern European descent who find out that they have Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. This particular group of people has a history that is specifically linked with certain genetic diseases and conditions.    

Telehealth in Times of Crisis: Best Practices for Patients and Clinicians During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

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As more clinics and hospitals are restricting access to clinicians and cancelling non-essential appointments in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, the use of telehealth services is increasing dramatically to ensure this counsel and other medical services can be provided.  Genetic counselors are not strangers to telehealth services; many have been providing telehealth services as an option to their patients for years. However, it has become more of an acute need right now as we are all facing the challenges of COVID-19.

“I Am A Genetic Counselor”: A Celebration of Genetic Counselor Awareness Day

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To celebrate the third annual Genetic Counselor Awareness Day on November 14, 2019 and the 40th anniversary of the genetic counseling profession, we featured stories of genetic counselors who embody the many facets of the profession in a Facebook series titled “I Am A Genetic Counselor.” Learn more from this diverse group of genetic counselors about their experiences and why they value being a genetic counselor.

Steps Individuals Can Take to Understand Cancer Risk

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This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, NSGC and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) want to help individuals learn the steps they can take to understand their risk for health conditions, including breast and ovarian cancer. In a new episode of NSGC’s Genetic Counselors and You consumer podcast series, NSGC Cancer Expert Joy Larsen Haidle and family physician, Sarah Coles, MD, discuss how genetic testing and counseling is part of understanding genetic risk. Larsen Haidle is a genetic counselor at North Memorial Health Cancer Center in Robbinsdale, Minn. and Coles is a family physician from Phoenix, Ariz.